Vegan Recipes

The days of dreading the holiday season, because you are a vegan, are over. Sitting down to the super bowl of dinner parties (yup that’s what Thanksgiving is) and engaging in a hearty vegan meal is very 2017. Plus, a plant-based Thanksgiving dinner can easily win over your guests at the dinner table if you get the menu right.

Thanksgiving is all about taking time to show gratitude that your family is safe and in good health. The most important item on the dinner table is not what’s really on the plates but the people sitting on the chairs around the table. It’s the best time to invite over your vegan pals or give your family a chance to try out a terrific turkey-free Thanksgiving feast.

Our Thanksgiving dinner guide will help you prepare the best meal for your family and friends while celebrating life. Whether you want a traditional fare or be wild and imaginative this plant-based Thanksgiving recipe-guide will help you plan an outstanding holiday meal that will have even your meat-eating guests lick their fingers. Right from vegan starters and salads to hearty mains and indulgent desserts, we’ve got you covered.


Top-notch side dishes and starters are the foundation of a great Thanksgiving meal. We’ve picked two delicious vegan Thanksgiving starters that would help you create a fantastic fare that’ll be delicious and healthy.


Vegan wraps would be an excellent choice for entrees – they are simple, delicious and will be loved by everyone. Plus, they’ll make your Thanksgiving dinner table look Instagram-worthy.


Brighten up the Thanksgiving table with yummy and easy salads. Plus, when you serve something healthy, your guests can indulge in the rest of the meal guilt-free. After all, all that green will cancel out the calorie-loaded delights that would be on the dinner table.

Brussels Sprout Butternut Squash Salad


Give the everyday Brussels sprout salad a delicious and attractive upgrade by adding some colour and taste to it. Roasted Brussels combined with a base of fresh spinach and peppery arugula, topped with butternut squash, cranberries, and roasted pistachios, you’ll not only get a bounty of vitamins and minerals but also a salad that no one can resist!

Reference:-Vegan Food


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